God loves children... so do I! That has been the motto for Vivica Keyes for over a decade now. Ms. Vivica, as the children affectionately refer to her, is the founder and president of PRAZEUP INC. Although she is a single woman of God and does not have children, she has dedicated her life to teaching children about who they are in Christ. Working with children takes a special anointing and the obedience to answer the call. Thank God Ms. Vivica has the anointing and has answered the call.

As the former Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten Ministry Director at Long Beach Community Worship Center (LBCWC) in Long Beach, California she developed and wrote the curriculum for several years before she began to write her own children's series and created her first character, Bmally.

Ms. Vivica believes that we need to start as soon as our children are capable of learning to instill God's word into their hearts. Understanding that it is never too early to begin building a hedge of protection, thus building God's kingdom, is PRAZEUP INC.'s greatest motivator where we have a heart for God, a heart for children, and a heart for Good Books!

Preaching what she practices, Ms. Vivica is a graduate of the Cottonwood School of Ministry in Los Alamitos, California, where she received a degree in Biblical Studies. "The first example children comprehend is not what we tell them but what we model for them. Christianity is a lifestyle that can only be improved upon as we spend time with God. Children should see us yearning for God's presence. They should see us praying and studying, cheerfully feeding our spirit," she declares.