6. Bmally Back Pak

We know that our Praze Kids and Little Lambs are great students, and like to be organized, so Bmally offers the perfect backpack to keep it all together.

Bmally is delightfully embroidered on the front panel. Family and friends will definitely want to know more about Bmally. What an ideal way for children to witness! The only thing left for you to do is to choose the color; red or blue?

Our Praze Kids and Little Lambs will have it all together with their very own backpack featuring Bmally in beautiful embroidery on the front panel. It's the perfect size to carry all of your Bmally products, school supplies and/or personal items.

Product Details:

Single-zipper panel-loading main compartment.

Single-zipper top-loading secondary compartment.

Two single-zipper side pockets.

Two adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Color: Red or Blue.

Measures approximately 12"W x 13"H x 5"D.

Weight: 0.72 lbs.

6. Bmally Back Pak
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