8. Little Lambs Pak

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10 Commandments Bible Story Book
Bmally shares the 10 Commandments in this easy-to-read stone shaped book. Your children will adore having their very own replica of the laws that were given to Moses at Mount Sinai.

Use God's word to teach the importance of having and obeying rules and laws.

10 Commandments Bible Story CD
Bmally shares the audible Bible Story Book with simple animation, games, music, and printable coloring pages. If your child likes to read, sing, and play, then look no further, this CD has it all.

Just what you have been waiting for, a CD that you and your children will love.

10 Commandments Coloring Fun Book
Bmally shares the application of the 10 Commandments for today's children. While they enjoy coloring the pages you will enjoy knowing that they are also learning good morals and values.

Coloring + Fun + God's Word, how can you go wrong?

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8. Little Lambs Pak
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